June 15, 2024

Take your poker game to the next level by asking Fedor Holz for help

Fedor Holz is one of the best poker players of his generation. The talented German has won over $32.5 million in live poker tournaments and several more millions from his online poker grinding. Imagine being able to tap Holz’s brain and get his thoughts and analysis on how you played a particular hand. That’s exactly what you can do with the new Ask Fedor feature on GGPoker.

Ask Fedor is a powerful and innovative deep learning system created in consultation with the legendary Fedor Holz. the Prometheus AI Tool powers Ask Fedor. it reviews hand histories and provides information on how you play a particular hand.

First, you receive feedback via a one to five star rating, with five stars meaning you played the hand as Ask Fedor would have. He then gives suggestions, if and where needed, on how to play the hand differently. Making the adjustments suggested by Ask Fedor should lead to better long-term results.

The Ask Fedor tool works for Cash games and No-Limit Hold’em tournamentsalthough there are plans to add more variants, so watch this space.

GGPoker has given each player five free requests which can be used the next time you log into your account. If you want more requests to help take your game to the next level, you can purchase one of three subscription plans. Signing up for one of the subscription packages includes a 50% discount for your first month.

Level Requests per month Cost per month
Ask Fedor Basic 30 $29.99
Ask for Fedor Standard 120 $99.99
Request Fedor Premium Unlimited $199.99

Only Ask Fedor Premium plan analyzes VIP games. VIP games are cash games with stakes equal to or greater than $25/$50 and tournaments with buy-ins equal to or greater than $5,000.

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GGPoker Global Ambassador Holz had this to say about the new Ask Fedor feature.

“The perfect poker player does not exist, and each of us is curious about the best way to play a hand. That’s why we created Ask Fedor. Your hand is analyzed in real time and the advice provided will help you take your game to the next level. It helps bridge the gap between casual and professional players and is only available on GGPoker.

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