June 15, 2024

Fist Fight at Hustler Casino ends with poker player being tasered by security

May 07
“He hit me first!” is usually heard when a teacher breaks up a fight in the playground, but this week it was the CasinoHustler and one patron who witnessed the line after a fight involving insults, fists and a table on the head!

“Just another day at the Hustler Casino in Gardena, CA,” wrote a poker fan on Twitter after seeing the unseemly brawl, sparked when one of the two arguing men insulted the other man’s mother.

“Hi Mom”was the phrase that turned a swear-laden argument in the poker room into a nasty brawl, punches thrown and missed before things got really serious.

One of the men runs to lift a table and comes back to smash it on the head of his attackerbefore a security guard appears and uses a taser to take down the boss wielding the table.

That’s when the “He hit me first!” the call is launched, the taser having very little effect on humans beyond scaring him to the ground.

Meanwhile, the man assaulted with the table can be seen clutching his headeven if it’s does not know how serious his injuries are.

It is far from the first time that the Hustler Casino poker room, once the haunt of a famous landlord, porn publisher and free speech advocate, Larry Flyntrecently hit the headlines.

Earlier this week, Phil Hellmuth been reprimanded online for allegedly shooting at an angle during a cash game broadcast live with beginners in the world of poker.

In February there was real cheating during the game broadcast live, with Julio “Skillsrocks” Cedillo banned for choking an opponent’s hands and trying to get along with another player.

The Card Room is home to some of the most interesting and enjoyable live poker games, with its Live Hustler Casino show, recently featuring Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan.

However, there is a certain history for violence to accompany the cheating and controversywith co-owner of the poker room, Nick Vertucciinvolved in an altercation last year.

Vertucci faced jerryknown as “the whale”after taking too long during one hand, the clock called out much to Vertucci’s disgust.

“Are you fucking out of your mind?” There’s fucking $12,000 in there, I’m trying to make a decision,” Vertucci blasted, adding, “Man, you’re crossing the line… I don’t care how big a fucking whale!

A brief agreement to stand aside quickly fell apart when Vertucci retorted:

“We have another deal, fuck you!”

This jibe saw Jerry launch on Vertucci and chaos ensuedalthough no one was hit in the melee.

What’s the Hustler’s next release? Either way, good, bad or ugly, we’ll be sure to bring you the best of the action right here on PokerTube!