June 15, 2024

Is 888poker’s Dave Gibson the most famous poker player?

David Gibson is not on a mission to make microstakes sexy. Far from there.

“I want my feed to be organic,” the 888poker A Stream Team Member said PokerNews. “I don’t want people watching just because I have a present and all of a sudden my viewers jump.

Streamer Microstakes

Gibson says he’s probably one of the few sponsored streamers to play microstakes, and says he enjoys that aspect of his job, as well as trying to improve his poker in general. Why? Because he wants people to come back!”

“I will never claim to be anything other than the most famous poker player there is. There is nothing special about me! I am like everyone else in chat in terms of game play.”

Except Gibson has a huge 888poker badge on his chest and rose to prominence in the streaming world after winning the Chris Eubank KO Challenge at 888poker LIVE London earlier in 2022.

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But online, Gibson stays true to his roots and relishes the interactions he has with the community he’s built over his streaming career.

“What I do is really relevant. People can see me playing microstakes and jumping into the same tournament I’m playing in. Viewers really appreciate that kind of stuff, that kind of interaction. I see people in the chat joining the tournaments I play.

Gibson first got into poker “by accident,” he says. After a game store didn’t have a copy of the game he wanted to buy, he stumbled across a poker game and bought it.

Best Free Slots

“I didn’t even look at what the games were, but I ended up buying it. And one of the games was Texas Hold’em Poker.

“It was a real butterfly effect. If the game I wanted was there, I wouldn’t have searched and found it. It’s a really good origin story.

“So I started playing on that and I thought it was fun. And just playing there I learned to play, just to understand as I went.

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Watch Twitch and YouTube

Next up for Gibson, like many budding poker players, was YouTube and Twitch to devour hours and hours of poker content from some of the biggest streamers around.

Gibson acknowledged similarities between himself and the streamers he watched. He saw his own sense of humor in them, and it made him believe he could do what they do.

Over time, his interactions with the streaming community helped him gain confidence and start his own streaming journey, which took off like a rocket.

“I got a lot more support than expected,” he said. “I probably wouldn’t have had that support if I had done it six months earlier because being around everyone prepared me.

“It was quite a turnaround in a short period of time. That’s why the support is so great now. I still can’t tell you why I have so much support when I play!

Stay true to your roots

Now that the Stream Team title rests on his shoulders, Gibson says he still harbors the ambition to play higher while staying true to the microstakes roots that put him on the map and his community continues. to appreciate.

“It’s hard sometimes as a streamer. Some of the tournaments I play, the amount I’m going to win here just isn’t big enough that I’m not sure people will really care.

“I try to keep people captivated by the flow. Be interactive. Lots of people in the chat that I know reasonably well because they’ve been around a while.

Twitch is a numbers game. How many poker streamers are earning, how many viewers they have, and how big their community is growing. Gibson says it’s easy to just focus on those metrics, but likes to focus on how he can improve his community as a whole.

“Twitch, it’s pretty easy to judge yourself mainly on the number of viewers watching the stream. But that’s kind of what I end up doing. I want it to be organic. I always try to bring more of people watching for some reason.

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Will Shillibier is based in the UK. He graduated from the University of Kent in 2017 with a BA in German, then studied for an NCTJ degree in sports journalism at Sportsbeat in Manchester. Previously, he worked as a freelance journalist and video presenter for the World Poker Tour.