August 14, 2022

Who is the richest poker player in the world?

Millions of people participate in the game of pokersome to have fun and maybe win some money with friends, some to test their abilities online, and some to challenge themselves internationally looking for big rewards.

In a game like poker, where nothing is guaranteedthe chances of losing a large sum of money are very high, but some players managed to defy the odds with exceptional skills earn lots of money.

The richest player in the world

He never won a major championship, but he didn’t need to: Dan Bilzerian tops list of richest players thanks to his poker skills, a successful career in social mediaa large trust fund and multiple business activities.

The controversial Bilzerian, who started his poker career in 2008 participating in the Main Event of the World Series of Poker, finishing in 180th place, admitted to having made most of his fortune play high stakes poker.

He made statements he made until $10 million in high-stakes poker games and racked up over $50 million in one year playing poker. Today, the Tampa native, who often lets himself be seen surrounded by several models ‘live la vida loca’, enjoys a net worth of up to at 200 million dollars.

If it’s true that he probably won a lot of money playing poker, its true ticket to the good life came in the form of a multi-million dollar inheritance left to him by his father, Paul Bilzerian.