June 22, 2022

What does it take to become a professional poker player?

Unfortunately, becoming a professional poker player is not as easy as you might think. Like anything else in this world, it takes a lot of practice and dedication. With so many people competing both online at sites like Energy Casino and in person, standing out among the crowd and generating big bucks playing the game takes both time and patience.

However, there are thousands of people who make their living playing poker. Although it is difficult to get into this position, it is not impossible either. In this article, we will discuss what it takes to become a professional gamer.

you have to study

Most people assume that professional poker players learn their craft by showing up to tournaments and hoping for the best. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Most players at the top of their game regularly research and study poker.

Understanding statistics is very important in poker. Although many online gamblers use statistical calculators and other software to give them an edge, some gambling sites do not allow you to use them when playing at their tables. All devices are prohibited in physical poker games, so the use of these types of software is not possible, so it is essential that you know how statistics work in the game.

Know when to bend

Knowing when to fold and when to play is often what separates amateur poker players from pros. Players rarely succeed in playing poker by playing all the hands dealt to them. Professional poker players are well aware that they won’t win every hand, and if they decide to participate in every hand, they could suffer a heavy loss.

At the start of the game, most experts advise amateur players to only risk their chips with hands they think they can win. As you are never guaranteed to win, it is not recommended to bluff at the start of your poker career.

Watch other professionals play

Due to the popularity of poker around the world, you can easily see some of the best players in the game participating in tournaments on a regular basis. There are often live matches broadcast on television networks. Some online casinos allow members to watch the pros play online at their tables, and most streaming services have replays of major competitions uploaded to them.

This makes it easy to watch the top players participate in the game. Most broadcast games display the cards each player has on screen so the viewer knows which cards each contestant has. This makes it really interesting for those who study the game because you can put yourself in the player’s shoes and think about what you would do if you were in their shoes.

Some of the biggest poker competitions in the world are watched by fans and players all over the world. Even those unfamiliar with the rules of the game might find these competitions extremely exciting.

What do you need to become a professional poker player?

If you want to make this dream come true and start traveling around the world for major competitions, there are a few things you need to have:

  • Lots of money: Flying from country to country, staying in fancy hotels and constantly eating out will cost you a pretty penny. Also, paying the entry fee to these tournaments is not cheap either. If you are ready to become a professional player without having a sponsor to support you, you must have a big bankroll.
  • Skill: To become a top player, you need to know the game of poker like the back of your hand. Most of those who regularly win tournaments rarely have a life outside of poker.

Financing your career is extremely difficult for most people, and very few would recommend spending every penny to become a professional gamer. Perhaps start by playing smaller tournaments in your country or join an online casino, where you can practice playing the many games available every day.

How to get sponsored?

Being sponsored by a big betting company is every gambler’s dream. These mega-rich gambling companies will need you to wear clothing advertising their online casino betting websites or, in some cases, their land-based casinos.

This makes being a professional poker player much easier. Not only do they help you financially, but some sponsors will pay your entry fee to these competitions, fund your transportation and accommodation during your tour.

The idea is that other gamers will see you play and notice the gaming company that sponsors you. Most professionals need to help promote their upline. This can include posting something on their social media pages, participating in internet or television advertisements, and participating in smaller competitions at a certain land-based casino.

Most of these companies generate a lot of money, so they are known to take very good care of the actors who help them publicize their business.

What are the problems of being a professional poker player

Unfortunately, not all jobs are perfect. Here are some of the problems that most poker players face:

  • You can lose everything: in the end, it’s gambling! One day professional players might find themselves with a pile of money, the next day they might find themselves completely broke.
  • Difficult to have a normal life: If you are expected to fly from place to place, it is difficult to have a normal life. Trying to manage a family and keep in touch with your friends can be difficult when you’re constantly on the go.
  • Difficult to find the time: Not everyone has the free time needed to become a top player.
  • Your family and friends might not accept your new job: many people despise the game, especially those who play it every day. Don’t be surprised if everyone you know doesn’t support your decision to turn professional.

Before you dedicate your life to poker, you really should consider these issues that many players have to deal with first.