September 21, 2022

Sports bettor and poker player Alan Denkenson dies

A well-known and popular poker player and sports gambler from Las Vegas died a few days ago at the age of 69 following an illness.

According to reports on social media, Alan Denkenson, commonly known as “Dink”, died at the end of August. He reportedly battled cancer for at least several months.

Denkenson was the inspiration behind the 2012 film titled favorite diaper, in which Bruce Willis plays a character named Dink Heimowitz. The comedy-drama involved the world of sports betting and was based on a 2010 book written by one of his assistants when he worked as a bookmaker. He was also said to be good at making bets.

The player was also featured in the 2016 documentary The best of it.

“Devastated to learn of the passing of Alan ‘Dink’ Denkenson,” said journalist David Hill. “I met him in 2016 when I profiled him for Vice, and we remained friends. He took me to underground wrestling matches, helped my kids pick horses in Saratoga, and left me accompanying him on dog walks. He was sweet, kind and open. He loved helping people. And, just like he did with me, he was always ready to make new friends and bring people in his life. He cared about the horses and raised tons of money for the aftercare. His passing leaves a huge hole. He will be missed. TO TEAR APART.”

Many others fondly remembered the player. Denkenson had ties to underground high-stakes poker games in New York decades ago.

“Legendary sports bettor and gambler Alan ‘Dink’ Denkenson has died aged 69”, said another person on Twitter. “He fought a courageous battle with cancer. He was known throughout the gaming community and is said to have inspired the character of Bruce Willis in the film. favorite diaper. Can he TO TEAR APART.”

Denkenson’s best cash in a public poker tournament was his $57,465 cash for sixth place in the 2018 Super Seniors No-Limit Hold’em $1,000 World Series of Poker. Nearly 2,200 people played in this event, with Dink just short of the top prize of $311,451.

According to reports, Dink has always called himself a sports bettor first and a poker player second. Many players remember him as a friend.