May 11, 2022

‘Skillsrocks’ poker player accused of ‘cheating’ during Hustler live stream

Posted: February 4, 2022, 6:47 a.m.

Last update on: February 4, 2022, 10:16 a.m.

A poker player by the name of ‘Skillsrocks’ has been called out for continuously glancing at his opponent’s cards during a Hustler Casino live stream on Wednesday. The player, since identified on poker forums as Julio Cedillo, is also accused of colluding with another player by kicking him under the table.

Sillsrocks, left, appearing to peak at the cards of his long-suffering opponent, Barry. (Image: Casino Hustler Live)

Cedillo’s antics went unnoticed by casino management and commentators, but were later spotted by eagle-eyed viewers, who took to the forums to express their disgust.

As far as “cheating” scams go, this one was pretty straightforward. Cedillo arrived at the table in light pink designer joggers and a backwards baseball cap. He continued to draw even more attention to himself with his brash table talk.

Hustler Casino later said in an official statement Thursday that Cedillo had “acknowledged that what he did was unethical, and he accepted our decision not to welcome him back.”

to play on foot

Sitting to Cedillo’s immediate left was a player named in the stream only as “Barry”, who fell victim to Cedillo’s questionable antics. To Cedillo’s right was “So Flo Antonio”, a former YouTube prankster who is apparently Cedillo’s friend.

Throughout the stream, Cedillo appears to be glancing at Barry’s cards as he clutches them. Sometimes he cranes his neck to see better. At one point, he even moves Barry’s sunglasses to another spot on the table to get a clear view.

That’s how Cedillo knows, during a three-way pot between Barry, Antonio and himself, that Barry made a straight turn. Antonio has top pair with his A-4 and, first to act, looks for chips. At this point, Cedillo apparently kicks Antonio under the table to warn him not to bet.

Antonio doesn’t understand the hint and asks at least twice, “Why are you kicking me in the foot?”

Antonio bets. Cedillo has two pairs. He gives her a bit of “Hollywood” and goes to bed.

It’s an unusual game at this spot for a loose player. Unless, of course, you know the player acting behind you has the nut game.

Barry eventually wins a $19,440 pot from the hapless Antonio, and he probably should have left the game there.

rub in

But he doesn’t. On at least three other occasions, Cedillo appears to reach Barry’s cards, allowing him to bluff his opponent with big pots.

But it’s not Cedillo’s style to do it quietly. At every opportunity, he rubs Barry’s face in it, slamming his cards face up on the table, before getting up from the table and showboating around the room.

Later, some poker forum posters pointed out that seeing an opponent’s hole cards, while unethical, is not technically cheating. Instead, it is each player’s responsibility to ensure that their cards cannot be seen by an opponent.

Collusion at the poker table is cheating, plain and simple, although it would imply that at least two parties knew of a conspiracy, of which Antonio seemed blissfully unaware.

Whether or not Cedillo is technically guilty of cheating, people will now think twice before sitting down with him for a game of cards.