August 14, 2022

Poker Player’s Ban For Fake $1,100 Tournament Ticket Upheld

A poker player’s ban from South Dakota casinos has been unanimously upheld by the local gaming regulator.

According to a Capitol News Bureau report, poker player Rick Burleson was seeking to have his name removed from a debarment list. The South Dakota Gaming Commission said there were no dice.

The commission reportedly rejected the request on Wednesday. Burleson and fellow poker player Benjamin Palmer were placed on the list in March following the late 2021 incident.

(Note: This person should not be confused with Ben Palmer who won over $3 million in lifetime tournaments and won a World Poker Tour title in 2019)

“The reason for exclusion is that you engaged in fraudulent activity in association with a city-wide [Deadwood] poker tournament on or about October 23, 2021, being aware of Benjamin Palmer’s theft of an eleven hundred dollar poker tournament entry ticket at Silverado Casino and further assisting Benjamin Palmer after the theft,” declared a state order.

An excluded person who enters a South Dakota casino faces a year in prison and a small fine. Burleson reportedly said he didn’t want to cheat the casino. “I hate how it ruined my reputation,” he reportedly said.

Burleson admitted that Palmer gave him the ticket to Palmer’s the day before the tournament. The ticket was accepted by the Silverado poker room when Burleson signed up. Burleson said he had been playing for several hours when the poker room manager approached him, telling him the ticket was invalid.

“I didn’t feel like it was fraudulent,” Burleson told the commission on Wednesday. He said Palmer was his financial backer for the event.

An officer “testified that he questioned and arrested Palmer for his participation in the scheme,” according to the report. Palmer admitted to creating the ticket, according to the report.

Palmer allegedly showed the agent’s text messages between him and Burleson. Upon review, the commission determined that the content of the messages was sufficient to deny the request to be removed from the disqualified list.