June 22, 2022

Poker Player Sinks “Dirty Layer” into Most Aggressive WSOP Bluff Ever


  • Every poker player has a favorite hand and for Nick Rigby that hand is 2-3 aka the “Dirty Diaper”
  • Nick played this hand throughout the 2021 WSOP Main Event and the Pittsburgh native has always played this hand at home with friends.
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Every poker player has a favorite starting hand. This hand can change over time. And that certainly changes across the different poker games. For some reason, I’ve always liked J-10 suited as a starting pocket card in Hold Em. For poker player Nick Rigby, his favorite hand is the “Dirty Diaper” (3-2 offsuit).

One of Nick’s friends, Jeff Platt, said PokerGo that back in Pittsburgh, they play regularly the dirty diaper in home games. And when a player wins a hand with the Dirty Diaper, everyone at the table must give that player a chip.

Throughout the 2021 World Series of Poker Main Event, Nick Rigby was no stranger to playing Dirty Diaper (3-2 offsuit). He lost 14% of his stack on Day 5 of the Main even when he outplayed the Dirty Diaper against John Song. He made another big call 3-2 for 1.17M against Benjamin Armstrong’s AA (he lost).

Nick would enter Day 6 of the WSOP with 5.2 million in chips and this time he would win big with the Dirty Diaper. Here’s the hand via PokerGo, one of the most aggressive and reckless bluffs we’ve ever seen:

Collecting over 2 million chips on this hand was HUGE for Nick. Getting someone to fold KK wasn’t the craziest move in the world considering there was an Ace on the deck, but then again, if Nick had an Ace in hand, it was incredibly unlikely that he is all-in. I think if I had been in Jensen’s shoes I would have called.

Nick Rigby, the King of the Dirty Diaper, will eventually finish the WSOP Main Event in 52nd place on Day 6. 52nd place earned him $ 136,100 and he received 335.03 WSOP Player of the Year points for that. finishing.

It was Rigby’s first WSOP cash. To finish in 52nd place out of 6,650 participants is an incredible achievement.