June 22, 2022

Poker player Ace Pratibha Arya joins Pokerbaazi as Baazi Gaming Pro

Rising star in the poker world, Pratibha Arya has been named Baazi Gaming Pro by PokerBaazi, India’s largest poker platform. Delhi-based technician Pratibha grabbed attention by finishing 10th in the recently concluded online poker mega tournament hosted by PokerBaazi.com, Baazi Games’ flagship poker platform, which is now India’s largest platform. in its space. By naming Pratibha as Baazi Gaming Pro, PokerBaazi.com has paved the way for aspiring female players in the sport of the independent spirit and her squad qualifying for the 2021 Nations Cup scheduled in Europe later this year only reaffirms that thought.

The rise of the star

Having found his passion in poker, the game of skill has become a natural career choice for Pratibha. Giving up her job at a reputable company, Pratibha engaged in poker, consistently winning by honing her skills and learning the nuances of the game to maintain her winning streak. A math lover since childhood, Pratibha uses her skills in probability and game theory to succeed in the game.

Like any other poker player, Pratibha also fought against stereotypes and ignorance towards the game. However, her accomplishments have helped her gain overwhelming support. Giving the men a tough run for their money, the poker champion has represented India at the Poker Nations Cup in Oxford and the IFMP Asian Nations Cup in Bangkok, winning a WPT trophy at the WPT 6-Max India Championship. She was one of the Indian players who played against DeepStack, the artificial intelligence computer robot in Bangkok and became the League player in the 2nd season of Match IPL. Most recently, she placed 3rd in the National Poker Series High Roller tournament, India’s first ever gold medal series hosted on pokerbaazi.com.

Gain skills

Becoming a pioneer in the sport hasn’t been easy for this rising poker star. Since its first tournament in Goa in 2015, Pratibha has focused on improving the game.

The poker winner’s consistent wins are a testament to his incredible poker skills and passion for the sport of skill. Like any other athlete, Pratibha focuses on refining his skills and strategies to maintain his winning streak. She constantly focused on honing her skills by constantly training, reading and educating herself on the intricacies of the game. From the start she watched professional videos and learned from the masters of poker to conquer the game. Game.

Promote money management

The key to success in poker and the stock market is the ability to take calculated risks in uncertain environments. Ranked at the top of games of skill, poker equips players with skills essential for success in trading and investing. For Pratibha, too, the patience and emotional control gained from playing poker has honed her stock trading skills and provided her with better investment decisions.

Given the synergy between poker and the investing landscape, becoming a poker crackerjack has helped Pratibha learn lessons about maximizing rewards by minimizing risk and making money-based decisions that balance risk. and yield. Her expertise in evaluating and calculating probabilities through gambling has made Pratibha skilled at making investment decisions that determine profit.

The platform for success

For Pratibha, PokerBaazi.com provided a platform that helped her hone her skills in the game. Tournaments hosted on India’s largest and most secure platform bring together some of the best minds in poker. in sport offering immense opportunities to learn the intricacies and techniques of the game. PokerBaazi.com provided Pratibha with the path to break the limits set for Indian women and reach an admirable height in the game of skill.

Mr. Varun Ganjoo, Co-Founder and Marketing Director of Baazi Games said, “With Pratibha joining us as Baazi Gaming Pro, we look forward to expanding poker to a wide range of audiences, highlighting that it it is the kind of sport that can be enjoyed and played with ease provided you have the right skills.

Also known to be India’s most trusted poker platform with a user base of over 20 lakh, PokerBaazi.com caters to the growing population of poker players in India. Launched in 2014, it is a platform aimed at providing an excellent gaming experience, comparable to global vendors. The recent award-winning redesign of the local mobile app PokerBaazi.com has received praise for its best experience from the industry and its players.

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