June 22, 2022

“Poker is mentally stimulating and a respectful game”: says poker player Avinash Koneru

Poker has become one of the most popular card games in India. whether it’s a diwali party or a meeting, a game of poker is an absolute must. Factors such as: increasing number of players, increase in hours of play, money spent on poker has skyrocketed and explain why stakeholders have been hosting poker tournaments since the pandemic and continue to do so . Thanks to these tournaments, many players are recognized today and the company has the chance to know their poker history. Recently, Adda52 held the Adda52 Big Millions poker tournament where an IT professional Avinash Koneru won a cash prize of Rs 31 lakh with a buy-in of Rs 1,100.

Koneru shared with Animation Xpress, “I love winning. I can handle losing, but more than that, there was a lot of thrill, excitement and hope in the Big Tournament’s long journey of ups and downs. Millions from Adda52 who gave me an enriching experience, which I will cherish as a fond memory for the rest of my life. Thank you so much Adda52 for providing me with such an amazing and exciting experience.”

He was introduced to poker by his friend five years ago. Apart from that, being an IT professional, he is developing his own startup and aims to impact millions of lives with a few lines of code. For him, poker is his secondary activity which he greatly appreciates.

He also participated in other tournaments. He shared, “I won other major tournaments at Adda52. I finished second in the Full House tournament but couldn’t replicate the similar results on other platforms as I personally feel that players like me who play for the sake of the game as a side hustle are disadvantaged elsewhere and more advantageous for pros with a bigger bankroll (money).

He thinks poker is a much better, mentally stimulating and respectful game, and it will thrive as awareness increases. “Growing up I was a very good chess player. I wanted to be a professional chess player because chess was mentally stimulating and fun until you challenge yourself by playing against a better/equal opponent Forget school kids my age, after a while I was winning against my father and older cousins, I surprised many with a win against a much older and respected player in my town chess tournament. in hyderabad but i couldn’t express my experience of the game to my social circle (none of my school friends would understand) because it’s just a continuous an event.the other person should have skills to see how the endgame plays out so I was missing the social aspect of experiencing joy with family and friends unlike poker, which is a series of discrete, independent hands that even my mom could figure out (and a few hands independent) enjoy and experience my life tory. All my family and my friends experienced joy and celebration with my poker victory.

He disagrees with the claim that society despises poker. In fact, he thinks poker is on a higher pedestal than his other favorite games like chess and many think the same way. He thinks there is a lack of awareness among people about poker. He did not pursue poker as a profession as it was introduced to him much later when his IT career was at its peak, which he was already in love with. On the other hand, he still believes that his family and friends would have supported him even if he had changed his career choices to poker 15 years ago at the start of his professional life.

He believes poker is a mental game that requires self-awareness skills and a growth mindset. For a beginner/aspiring poker player, understanding the math side of the game like probability, equity and hand ranges is essential, while understanding yourself and focusing only on the things you can control to build his game.

“In my opinion, everyone should try playing poker. If you want to play as a pro (professionally), it’s a great career with a great life and freedom. If you want to play in your spare time, this is a great side hustle. You can still earn money in your free time while having fun. Whatever the outcome, whether you win or lose at the game of poker, you will have at least a few moments of great experience, fun, a mix of emotions and subtle life lessons to take off the table. Just know and stick to your budget if you’re for pure entertainment; instead of a movie ticket, play poker with the same budget, which is more interactive, fun and exciting.