May 11, 2022

Phil Hellmuth is the luckiest poker player ever…

He has 16 WSOP gold bracelets, over $27 million in tournament winnings and is a member of the Poker Hall of Fame, but Phil Hellmuth is “the luckiest player ever” according to Doug Polk!

The Upswing Poker boss was unimpressed that the Poker Brat reached number 4 in the fans’ GOAT voting list, instead describing him as the LOAT – luckiest ever, at large. fun of his colleagues.

Kane Kalas, who subscribes to the “White Magic” school of thought on Hellmuth skills, described the great Phil’s “intuition” as the difference between him and many of his peers.

“He has one of the best poker intuitions of any player on this list or ever. The reason I can say this with confidence is that the guy doesn’t do any felt work.

“He doesn’t study, he just shows up and wins regularly! And it is thanks to his intuition!

Polk, who had previously admitted that Hellmuth’s place in the top 20 was warranted, disagreed with Kalas.

“It pains me what I’m about to say…because the sentence is so stupid…but I truly believe that Phil Hellmuth is the luckiest poker player…ever! ”

As Kalas and Upswing Poker VP Mike Brady doubled in laughter, Polk added, “And I think that’s not even close!” I can’t even think of anyone who’s close!

Hellmuth’s poker abilities have long been derided in parts of the highstakes community, the poker legend has been challenged not to participate in highroller events.

His recent results at the US Poker Open, however, speak for themselves – two 2nd places, a 4th and another cash giving him 5th place overall.

His High Stakes Duel run, which saw him win seven straight head-to-head battles, beating Antonio Esfandiari and Daniel Negreanu both by a 3-0 margin along the way, is unprecedented. A 1-1 tie with Tom Dwan should be settled soon with a third meeting.

However, Polk chose to focus on some of Hellmuth’s specific hands that were questionable in those matches.

“What about all those hands where he doesn’t win money, or loses money because he plays a hand terribly?” asked Polk, referring to a trey-deuce punt against Jungleman in King of the Hill.

Last week saw one of the most talked about hands of the year, when Hellmuth called Alex Foxen’s 4-bet with Q4offsuit, a hand that went viral…

Regarding Hellmuth’s obvious successes, Polk concludes by saying, “I can’t explain it, because I haven’t seen Phil Hellmuth play hands well!”

A Hellmuth-Polk one-on-one would of course set the poker world on fire – two rightly self-proclaimed champions of the mano-a-mano format.

Maybe after Hellmuth got rid of his old enemy Dwan? Maybe, and we’ll let you know if or when that happens!