December 5, 2021

Paul Pierce Wilding during a game of poker asks the waitress if she needs moral or oral support

Credit: Hustler Casino Live

Paul Pierce’s disgrace hasn’t stopped and the player’s image deteriorates every time he’s seen in public. It’s like he doesn’t care anymore and does whatever he wants regardless of the consequences.

Months after losing his job as an ESPN analyst, receiving a lot of criticism for a controversial Instagram Live, the 2008 NBA champion isn’t paying attention to what people say about him.

Last month, The Truth joined a big poker event in Los Angeles, showing a bad image during the game. A Youtube user pointed out the most “interesting” moments of Pierce’s participation in the 5-hour live broadcast.

  • 2:40:00 – He’s playing a hand of 100K.
  • 3:18:00 – Pierce calls the other players fools, then fails to make an obvious value bet at the river, then offers to kiss the waitress.
  • 3:24:40 – Paul Pierce is making ham then 30 seconds later, asks the girl if she needs MORAL OR ORAL SUPPORT.
  • 3:55:44 – Pierce is crying like a little biteh because he played a poor hand and cut the pot.

Life has taken a bad turn for Pierce. The ex-player has always been criticized for his questionable views on ESPN, but now things have gotten out of hand. He’s made it clear he doesn’t care, but that doesn’t change the fact that The Truth works, even when he’s on camera.

He is days away from becoming immortal and entering the Hall of Fame, the highest honor for an NBA player. Ironically, this is the time when it receives more criticism.

** Time stamp courtesy of “Phil Trollmuch Jr.”