June 22, 2022

Jungleman wins 2021 Poker Players Championship

Daniel ‘Jungleman’ Cates (pictured above) has much to be happy about after scoring $ 954,020 for winning this year’s Poker Player’s Championship at the World Series of Poker. [Image: World Series of Poker Twitter]

Jungleman was a wild animal

“When you’ve got fate on your side, you kind of expect it,” said playful and jubilant Daniel ‘Jungleman’ Cates moments after winning the prestigious Poker Player’s Championship (PPC). He also had a few words for his heads-up opponent Ryan Leng: “He shouldn’t have been laughing at me, he knew he was making fun of a wild animal, and now he’s lost to a monkey.” !

A newcomer to mixed games, Leng has won three heads-ups at this year’s World Series of Poker (WSOP), earning his third career bracelet in the $ 1,500 Eight Game Mix Six-Handed event but having to settle for it. of second place in the PPC. .

the finalists are always bittersweet

Leng’s efforts over five grueling days against the best players in the world were nothing short of epic. However, the finalists are still bittersweet – perhaps even more so for Leng given his catastrophic error in a 3-handed game that kept Cates in the game when he should have been knocked out.

The PPC drew an elite field of 63 entries, with the top ten winners all taking part in the prize pool of $ 3,016,125. Cates got the lion’s share, of course, a salary of $ 954,020, plus his first bracelet and his name etched forever on the Chip Reese Memorial Trophy.

Cates completes famous victory

The fifth and final day of this year’s PPC saw the return of just five players, all vying for their slice of poker history.

Nothing seemed to be going for the Israeli poker legend

Eli Elezra was the chip leader when the game began, chasing his fourth WSOP bracelet. Nothing seemed to be going for the Israeli poker legend, however, as he was losing pot after pot, mostly to Leng. After Chris Brewer fell to fifth place, Elezra found himself on the short stack and ultimately succumbed to Paul Volpe at Razz, despite surviving numerous all-in confrontations.

The 3-handed game provided a humdinger with the thread changing back and forth. After Leng let Cates get away with it, it would be Volpe who would collapse next. In his post-match interview, he hinted at the Leng / Cates hand that would have lifted him to the top two spots, but he was mostly self-critical, feeling he hadn’t played his best.

Cates held a big lead when the heads-up started, but despite having two braces for Leng, he closed it for a famous victory.

Leng took possession of his mistake

After the tournament, Leng did a lot of soul-searching, aware that he had made a costly mistake on the biggest stage at the most important moment of his career.

It wasn’t long before he saw the support he had received but also recognized his mistake. In a quintessential Twitter thread, he didn’t apologize and gave a masterclass on how to respond to an error.

For her part, Cates, who predicted her own victory and made it to the final table cosplaying a streetfighter character, has pledged to use the money for good. “I said I was going to win, so I won,” Cates commented, adding “but it was pretty important because now I have more money to help the world and continue a career outside of it. poker. “

The results of the $ 50,000 poker players’ championship

1 Dan Cates United States $ 954,020
2 Ryan leng United States $ 589,628
3 Paul Volpe United States $ 404,243
4 Eli Elezra Israel $ 286,983
5 Chris Brewer United States $ 211,235
6 Josh arieh United States $ 161,422