September 21, 2022

Jeremy Pruitt, Former Vols Coach Under Investigation, Crushing Poker Game

Jeremy Pruitt doesn’t have time for your allegations and your investigation, NCAA.

He’s in full swing, baby!

The former Tennessee head football coach, who was charged last month with some pretty serious recruiting violations during his time with the Vols, was spotted at the World Series of Poker $1,100 event on Thursday in North Carolina.

He’s not just there for show either.

No. Pruitt, who spent last season as a defensive assistant with the New York Giants, was 20th in chips with 27 remaining around noon EST, according to those with eyes on the table.

Have a great day, coach!

NCAA hands Tennessee and Pruitt NOA over recruiting violations

Last month, the Tennessee football program received a Notice of Allegations from the NCAA, stemming from the investigation into Pruitt and his team.

In the documents, the NCAA said Pruitt and staff gave players, rookies and family members extra cash and perks throughout his time in Tennessee, totaling around $60. $000.

The NOA also said Pruitt’s wife, Casey, paid a prospect’s mother $12,500 for car payment.

(Photo: Twitter/@BarstoolMintzy)

The allegations — which result in 18 Level 1 violations — also include a number of cash payments from Pruitt, including a $3,000 cash payment to a student-athlete for past medical bills.

The report lists more than 32 instances of players or potential recruits taking gifts or money from college employees.

“A lot of this information in the NCAA report, I’m seeing it for the first time and I’m still reading it,” Pruitt said in a statement to ESPN.

“I’d rather not comment much beyond that, other than to say I’m looking forward to telling my side of the story somewhere down the road.”

All allegations and accusations are for another day, however. The former coach must concentrate on the task at hand, which dominates the poker table.

Push those chips, coach!