June 22, 2022

“It Was Just Uncomfortable” – Pro Poker Player Josh Arieh Recalls Golfing With Bad Taste Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan has been an avid golfer since he first played the sport in his rookie season with the Chicago Bulls. Jordan brought his competitive nature to the golf course, while playing against friends, former and current NBA players, as well as other celebrities.

During an appearance on the “Cracking Aces” podcast, professional poker player Josh Arieh shared his golf experience with “His Airness.” Arieh revealed that he was a big fan of Jordan growing up, but had an unpleasant and weird experience playing golf with him.

“It really rubbed me the wrong way the way he constantly needles, but I can’t take it back. I can talk shit with anybody and goof around. He can kick but you can’t poke him. He’s Michael Jordan. He’s the alpha male and you can’t push him away. It got a little weird. It was just uncomfortable,” Arieh said.

It was a tricky experience for Arieh as he grew up idolizing Jordan. Arieh even recalled being excited about playing golf with “His Airness.” He also shared that he used to cut out journal snippets of Jordan’s accomplishments, stats, and other news when he was growing up.

It was a classic case of the phrase “never meet your heroes” because Arieh’s experience sucked. Nonetheless, he had more fun playing golf with the great Tiger Woods. Arieh has been a professional poker player since 1999, with an estimated total winnings of over $9 million.

What’s it like playing golf with Michael Jordan?

Michael Jordan at the 2007 Wachovia Championship-ProAm
Michael Jordan at the 2007 Wachovia Championship-ProAm

Josh Arieh may have had a bad experience or he just didn’t like Jordan’s attitude on the golf course. However, there have been other instances of NBA players battling the GOAT in the green.

JR Smith, who retired from the NBA in 2020, now plays college golf for North Carolina A&T State University. Smith had the time of his life when he got to golf with Jordan earlier this year at The Grove XXIII Golf Course in Florida. He said:

“I just finished playing golf with Mike, man. Like six, seven. Eight with the best of all time. My hero. Like my brother, you can’t even hear me. That shit was crazy. It’s not even whether you win, lose, draw, whatever. That shit was amazing, man. That shit was f**king amazing.

Meanwhile, Jason Kidd revealed that Jordan doesn’t like how slow the game of golf is. Kidd said on the “GOLF’s Subpar” podcast that “His Airness” would not invite players who are slow on the golf course. He said:

“If you don’t know how to play fast, then you don’t have the right to come back. With him, if you don’t play fast, he will leave you.”

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