May 11, 2022

Injured PSG star Neymar beats professional poker player as he celebrates New Years on crutches

Party fan soccer star Neymar shows off his crutches and an ankle injury hasn’t stopped him from kicking off his New Year’s celebrations earlier.

The Paris Saint-Germain forward, 29, was put out of action ahead of the Christmas break after awkwardly landing in a Ligue 1 clash with Saint-Etienne and leaving the field on a stretcher.

But he appears to have focused on dropping his hair after letting fans know about his rehab by posting videos of him exercising after returning to Brazil for a break in the sun.

He played poker in the run-up to the New Year, beating Brazilian professional poker player Andre Akkari in a tournament hosted by the footballer.

Neymar drops his hair

Neymar made sure to stand out with garish outfits that included a fluorescent green hoodie and matching sunglasses.

Overnight, the soccer star posted selfies sitting on a chair with his crutches in front of him as he joined singer-songwriter Suel by grabbing a microphone and exercising his own vocal cords.

Local reports indicate that Neymar is planning a New Year’s party at his mansion in the paradisiacal resort town of Mangaratiba, near Rio de Janeiro, where he celebrated the arrival of 2021.

Last year’s party led to local reports that Brazilian prosecutors had launched an investigation into possible Covid violations, following claims in local newspapers that a five-day party for more than 100 guests had been organized, which the footballer vehemently denied.

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Neymar shows his winning hand
Neymar has played his cards well

The PSG star ended up using his Instagram to show that he had just hosted a quiet dinner with his family and close friends, although it later emerged that pretty Argentinian singer Emilia Mernes had been a VIP guest when ‘she and Neymar were pictured dancing to one of her popular songs. .

The footballer, who has spent Christmas at a new £ 2.5million seven-bed mansion he bought near Sao Paulo, is set to see the New Year with stunning Bruna Biancardi.

The 27-year-old brunette insisted last month she was single during a question-and-answer session on Instagram, but was pictured with Neymar in Paris before leaving for Brazil and during a visit from Christmas Eve to her grandmother after reaching her homeland.

Neymar on the microphone
Voice of an angel, apparently

Neymar recently won the backing of Brazilian football legend Ronaldo after being criticized when he was spotted partying in a Sao Paulo bar after his country’s World Cup qualifier in the month last against Argentina. He had missed the game due to an injury.

The new attacks in his homeland came after he was accused of sporting a ‘pot belly’ over the summer after pictures came out of his vacation on a yacht off the coast of Ibiza.

Neymar then responded to his detractors by telling the YouTube channel Fui Clear: “How can you be 12 years at the top without taking care of yourself? Nobody understands that.

“I know how to take care of myself, I have a physiotherapist and a physical trainer with me almost 24 hours, what for? Not at all?”

Neymar celebrating
Neymar hedged his bets

He added, “I go out when I can. I go out when possible when I know I won’t be training the next day. I will not stop doing nothing. What’s the problem?

“You have to judge me for what I do on the pitch, there I let you speak, but what I do outside.”

Former Real Madrid striker and current Valladolid president Ronaldo Nazario, who put on the pounds after retiring from football, said in a recent podcast: “I went through the same thing as Neymar.

“The privacy of a famous or famous person or athlete shouldn’t matter to anyone.

“It doesn’t matter what someone has eaten, drunk or not eaten! “