December 5, 2021

HunnyPoker: the first online P2P poker game at BSC Yield Aggregator

If you like Texas Hold’em, try your luck to win more HUNNY at HunnyPoker.

HunnyPoker is the first peer-to-peer online poker game integrated with a BSC yield aggregator to create an immersive online poker experience for all users. PancakeHunny aims to create more utility through gamification and with all transactions and settlements done on smart contracts, it removes the ‘trust issue’ when third party agents are involved on traditional online poker platforms, giving thus giving users the confidence to have fun in complete safety. environment. The games as such will help to further strengthen the community and the unique model of profit sharing, they give users a sense of belonging and reap benefits as PancakeHunny grows. HUNNY can be used for Yield Farming, HunnyLottery, Buying HunnyBunnies NFT, HunnyPoker and many more games to come. Win by betting, win by playing.

HunnyPoker: the first peer-to-peer poker in the DeFi space

Taking advantage of blockchain technology and the P2P network, PancakeHunny provides an engaging, fun and safe environment to play poker online. Their goal is to provide a seamless user experience and great entertainment with massive adoption globally.

With growth accelerating in the DeFi space, PancakeHunny has noticed little to no use for many DeFi tokens, limiting the growth of these platforms and their token value. Creating exciting games allows users to relax while making profit as they bet, it also acts like other burning mechanics and creates more revenue channels for the development team, thus ensuring overall sustainability.

Currency for HunnyPoker

pHUNNY is the in-game currency for HunnyPoker. All games will be played using pHUNNY as the primary currency.


Users will need to create a profile to start playing the game. Users can seamlessly top up their account with HUNNY to get pHUNNY tokens to get started. Creating the profile allows the system to recognize each unique user and mark a referral code, allowing each user to refer more friends to play poker and earn more HUNNY from HunnyJar!

Commission (Rake) for the Games

There will be a 5% rake taken from each match. The rake is divided into 3 portions:

2% in HunnyJar
2% to the development team
1% to burn

Earn more HUNNY by playing with your friends

Connect your wallet to HunnyPoker, a random username will be assigned to you which you can change later. The PancakeHunny system will create a referral code so that users can refer their friends to play. You can also create a private VIP room at HunnyPoker to play a game of poker with only invited friends!

Based on the number of friends the user has introduced to play HunnyPoker together, he / she has a chance to earn additional rewards from HunnyJar. For poker games, as mentioned before, there is a total of 5% commission collected for each game, of the 5%, 2% goes into the HunnyJar (including a portion of the winnings from HunnyLottery and other games. in the future). There are 2 ranks that users can strive to achieve for more rewards: HunnyBee and BumbleBee.

To be promoted to be HunnyBee, users will need to refer 20 users to join HunnyPoker. 60% of the HunnyJars will be distributed among the HunnyBees.

To be promoted to be Bumblebee, users will have to refer 200 users to join HunnyPoker, 40% of the HunnyJars won will be distributed among the BumbleBees.

* Please note that the above criteria for promotion at HunnyBee / BumbleBee may change.

Example: A game of poker ended with a total pot of 10,000 HUNNY

(1 HUNNY: 1 pHUNNY), ​​the 2% rake = 200 HUNNY goes into HunnyJar.

If there are 10 HunnyBees and 3 Bumblebees; each HunnyBee will earn 12 HUNNY and each BumbleBee will earn 26.67 HUNNY.

The above scenario is for a single game which probably lasted less than 5 minutes. How many matches do you think there will be in a day? One week? You do the math.


Why am I not receiving 100% of my earnings?

There will be a 5% commission taken from the winning pot for each spin. Therefore, you get 95% of the pot.

What is pHUNNY? Why can’t I play with BNB or another currency?

pHUNNY, which has the same value as HUNNY, is the only currency used for Hunny Poker. This is because the dev team can only burn HUNNY.

Tokens are burned manually after each draw, or is it automatic?

Tokens are automatically burned once a day at 2:00 p.m. (UTC) after tabulating all games played that day.

What is the maximum HUNNY I can play for each game?

There is no maximum amount of HUNNY you can put into the game, but you will not be able to add more funds to the table in the middle of the game.

For more guides on HunnyPoker, please refer to

Final thought

HunnyPoker is the next go-to place for poker enthusiasts because PancakeHunny has a user-friendly interface, no verification needed, cheaper transactions, near-instant money transfers and more are waiting for you to find out.

Let’s bet, win and play! Just watch how PancakeHunny is changing the blockchain gaming industry and beyond imagination.

About PancakeHunny

🍯 PancakeHunny aims to be the most engaging and fun DeFi destination based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). PancakeHunny is developing a whole new unprecedented gamified farming playground ♠ ️ ♥ ️ ♣ ️ ♦ ️🎰🎲 where every user can enjoy high yields and exciting games at the same time.

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