September 21, 2022

Five Best Self-Help Books To Help You Improve Your Poker Game

Few books in recent memory have burst onto the scene like The subtle art of not giving a damn by Mark Manson. Almost every shelf I’ve come across in the last five years had a copy, and it helped make Mark Manson a household name.

In case the title didn’t reveal it, this book isn’t really like other self-help books. Instead, it focuses on teaching readers to stop caring about the stupid things in life and focus on the things they truly enjoy doing. Plus, it gives us the not-so-kind reminder that we’ll all be dead someday, so throw your arms around the things you love and stop giving a fuck about the rest.

His messages clearly resonated around the world, with the book selling millions of copies. When it comes to poker, the simple lessons here are to take risks and remember to enjoy the game. It can teach us that if we really love poker, we need to stop being distracted by social media and what others are doing and just enjoying the thrill of playing the game itself.

There are also many lessons here about pain and suffering. For example, it is not uncommon for poker players to develop worries and anxieties when they are on a losing streak. Adopting some of the mindsets in this book might help players get through this.