May 11, 2022

Doug Polk to Host New Podcast Series, All-Time Poker Player

26 Feb

Since officially “retired” from its days of high-stakes heads-up hold’em, Doug Polk still found ways to keep busy. promotion cryptocurrency for partnership with The Lodge Card Club in Texashe still has a plate full of activities.

Polk has also kept busy with his popular podcast, The Doug Polk Podcast. In fact, Polk recently announced on Twitter that he will be hosting a new Serie on his podcast ranking the greatest poker players of all time, culminating with the greatest poker player of all time.

The best of all time

Say what you want about Polk, but one thing is certain: he was a leading authority in the poker industry for some time, and it is more than qualified to undertake an undertaking of this magnitude. Last week, he announced the new series on his Twitter:

Not only will Polk and his colleagues have their say on the all-time list, but viewers and subscribers will have the last word. Polk plans to expose the case of every player on his roster and allow viewers to vote.

Polk posted this tweet with a list of those he considered the 100 greatest players of all time.

Although Polk and his colleagues will expose the case of the 100 players on his list, viewers and fans will only be able to vote to rank the top 20 players out of the 100 on the list. Fans can vote here.

Earlier this week, Polk posted the first episode of the two-week trip crown the best poker player of all time.

In it, he explains to his fans exactly what will happen and addresses the controversy and disagreement that will inevitably arise from this endeavor.

“I want to talk a bit about what we’re doing and explain some things about this list because, listen, it’s going to be controversial,” Polk said in the podcast. “Of course people have their favorite player, of course popular players will have an audience, and there are all sorts of things that we should think about. To start with, we rank who is the best poker player,” Polk continued. “Now what does the word mean best?”

Because the word best can be so subjective, especially for the game of poker, Polk felt the need to explain what he thinks the word means in this scenario. A particularly important fact to remember when voting is the time when the player was at his peak.

“You have to understand the era of gamers,” Polk said. “I think that’s going to be a common theme throughout the conversation. When someone plays poker in the 1980s or 1990s compared to today, it’s very different. The reality is that the game has evolved so much.

What do you think? Will this series of podcasts ranking the top 20 poker players of all time be anything more than a popularity contest? Do fans really understand what it means to be the best poker player? Or does it all really matter in the long run since – hypothetically speaking – anyone can make a lot of money playing poker if they’re lucky?

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