December 5, 2021

Decentralized Crypto-Driven Games to Launch a Play-to-Earn Poker Game

Decentral Games has announced the creation of a metaverse to play poker platform that is expected to launch in October. Decentral Games is a gaming environment owned, controlled and preserved by holders of the $ DG token, the internal cryptography of the Decentral gaming platform, through a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

Basically, the platform allows casino gaming enthusiasts to manage its network and ensure standards are met and issues are resolved through DAO. The ecosystem uses two pre-existing Blockchain systems. The first is Decentraland, which empowers people to create, enjoy, and generate income for their content and apps.

The second is the Matic network, which offers smooth, fast and low cost transactions on the Ethereum network. Decentral Games allows its participants to manage game operations. For example, users control the money. And, due to its open source architecture, every result gets a fair review (if something goes wrong). In addition, any user can benefit from fast transactions and discreet involvement. The $ DG token connects to every component in the network. And all of these transactions take place through the dgTreasury, which acts like the house money of the casino. It is visible and accessible to all participants.

The treasury is responsible for funding and financially supporting all games. Therefore, in order for it to function properly at all times, it must have continued funding. The fees received from the participants (in $ MANA and $ DAI) would be accumulated and stored in the dgTreasury, which also takes care of paying the winners. Cash gains enough cushion to support gambling operations by encouraging players to bet their virtual currencies. Additionally, participants who bet on cryptos are remunerated with $ DG tokens, a technique known colloquially as mining. However, mining is not the only way to make money at Decentral Games.

The aforementioned poker game has been dubbed “ICE Poker”, and it will be played on the Metaverse of decentralized games. Players will be able to earn real money by completing in-game missions. There is also the option of playing against other individuals via a free-to-play alternative. In this sector, the integration of free-to-play into play-to-earn is essential. Additionally, ICE Poker will include deflationary money in the game.

This should deter gamers from flooding the market with ICE, as the prices of internal tokens for several other games vary widely. Players will need to purchase a single Iced NFT handheld device, as is generally the case in the gaming industry, to win. Examples of wearable NFTs are a dress, suite, shoes, or even a tie.

ICED NFT portable devices

These NFTs can be obtained by purchase or transfer. Following the purchase of the NFT, participants receive a fixed number of tokens to participate in the new game from Decentral Games. Players can earn money in the game known as “ICE token“by participating in poker games, completing daily chores, exchanging NFTs and”mining“ICE to exchange with the rest of the players, daily leaderboards, an NFT delegate for passive revenue sharing and the creation of new portable NFT devices.

All wearable devices offer separate perks to earn additional ICE rewards. The ability to award NFTs – as a first player or owner of NFT (non-fungible token) – is appealing. NFT owners can passively profit from the ICE earned by their NFT. Those who wish to participate in this poker tournament to play in order to win do not need to purchase an NFT, but can do so through earmarking and the income sharing that comes with it. Ice Poker games will pay out ICE and XP players, allowing them to create rare NFTs with higher reward levels. Only the holder of an assigned NFT will obtain XP.

Collecting NFT – whether through posting or other means – will provide players with additional tokens on a daily basis. With additional chips, customers can engage in other poker games to win through the ICE Poker service. ICE Poker has put in place a number of launch allies to ensure the success of the business.