June 22, 2022

Dallas poker player wins big at World Series of Poker

Texas has a rich tradition of providing winners at the World Series of Poker, and this year was no exception.

Doyle Brunson has made a name for himself around the World Series of Poker tables in the 70s and is widely regarded as one of the greatest players of all time. He retired from poker at the age of 85, but that doesn’t mean Texas has disappeared from the poker map. While our city is proud of household names such as the Dallas Cowboys and the Texas Rangers, we can now add Long Ma’s name to our sports roster after his recent World Series of Poker victory.

The 2021 World Series of Poker is currently taking place in Las Vegas, and Poker.org explains how it will attract tens of thousands of the world’s best players to the Rio Convention Center, where they will be looking to walk away with a big prize. While Long Ma did not win the main event; he flew the Dallas flag at the biggest poker event in the world.

The Dallas native has been playing poker for about 12 years. As Reviewjournal.com reports that he just won $513,604 after winning the $500 The Reunion No-Limit Hold’em, event number four in the prestigious two-month poker bonanza. Ma’s previous big win came in 2018 when he won over $60,000 over three days at the Daily Deepstack events.

Despite his lack of success at first, he is delighted with his victory.

“When I started I lost a lot of money gambling. But then I won a tournament with 400 people and started doing a bit better. But recently not too good,” he said. He admitted. To put it mildly, he hasn’t cashed in two months and hasn’t turned pro because he only plays tournaments.

Photo: Pixabay

This victory will not make him give up his permanent profession of operations and programs manager for an electronic company. However, he could give some additional events to go further in the current World Series of Poker.

The magnitude of Ma’s victory should not be underestimated. The event drew 12,973 competitors, creating a prize pool of over $5.4 million. Spanning three days, the field was slowly whittled down, including a mammoth 17 hour two day. On the final day, Ma barely blinked for the win. It only lasted an hour, earning him not only a huge prize but also the coveted WSOP bracelet, his first on tour.

Ma’s final hand was nerve-wracking. He found himself nursing an ace and a seven, while his opponent, Giuliano Lentini, had a queen and a jack. Lentini opened with a small blind, but Ma called, a brave move, and the flop was nice to him. With a three, four, two fives and a king, he won with an ace, leaving Lentini to console himself with $317,352. Still, not a bad day at work.

All eyes remain on Vegas, where the main event is expected to net one lucky player over $7 million. Born in Fisher County, Brunson won back-to-back events in 1976 and 1977 after initially being considered for an NBA career. Instead, he found poker and lived in Fort Worth before moving to Las Vegas to pursue his career. He proudly carried our state flag, winning ten bracelets in total and finishing in the silver 37 times.

Long Ma may have nine bracelets and a lot of dollars less, but it’s nice to have a World Series of Poker bracelet going to Dallas. Who knows, it could be the first of a long series.

Featured Image: Pixabay