January 7, 2022

Carousell’s Scalpers are selling the new SIA batik poker set for $ 800 – but you can get it for less if you wait until next month, Lifestyle News

After the successful launch of their limited edition mahjong set, which sold out in two weeks, Singapore Airlines is back.

On Tuesday (November 16), the airline’s retail wing, KrisShop, launched a limited edition poker set, which sold out within one day. Poker sets have since popped into the Carousell mainstream market with enticing tags.

While the set sells for $ 318, some Carousell users are reselling the coveted item for up to $ 800.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to spend such a large sum; you just need a little patience.

In response to questions from AsiaOne, KrisShop confirmed that KrisFlyer members can still pre-order the poker game, with deliveries starting December 15th.

Non-members will have to wait until December 16 to pre-order the set.

The set is adorned with the airline’s unique batik print and contains elements related to travel and airplanes, such as distinctive airplane emblems in each suit. The complete collection is housed in an exquisite box, dressed with an airplane window.

The collection includes two bespoke poker games, a dice shaker, six gold foil dice, a dealer / player button, two blind buttons (one large and one small) and 350 poker chips.


If you buy the poker set, you can also top up an additional $ 45 for a non-slip poker mat to complete your collection. The poker mat is sold separately for $ 59.


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