June 22, 2022

Barstool’s Top Poker Player Just Won a WSOP Tour Event and a Gold Ring

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Final table:


Listen, I’m not going to shout at everyone that this is the greatest win in poker/life history. Shipping a regional event with a buy-in of $109 and a guarantee of $25,000 with a field of just 115 AP isn’t the highest score ever, but I’ll tell you what. .

I play a lot and have been seriously studying/working on my game for a while now. We recently came close to real success, but took in bubbles/min due to bad luck or some infamous Smitty shit (especially the last one). It’s nice to see it all finally come together and take down one of those motherfuckers. If anything, it reaffirms that maybe we’re not that card jerk, after all. Not to mention, winning a WSOP gold ring is just plain cool. Sorry if that sounds cheesy, but I grew up watching grinders and greats hoard bracelets and rings left and right. I don’t know… it’s just really cool to me.

And the money? That’s a solid W for the common man, and the common man that we are. Most of the money is spent on diapers and fixing a leak in the plumbing in our house, which is literally the sexiest thing you can do with poker winnings. $5,000 don’t mean I can take the woman to Chanel and get it whatever she wantsbut I can definitely give him the card to line up at Target.

Oh, and we also qualify for the 2022 WSOP Tournament of Champions, which is actually a big deal. The only way to get a spot in the $1 million freeroll at the end of the WSOP in Vegas is to win a bracelet/ring live or online:

A field of 300 people for a $1,000,000 freeroll? Thank you sir can I have another one! It’s going to be fun to make a video on this bad boy in level 2.

Next step: the main event of the WSOP. With a bit of luck. The $10,000 buy-in is still strong for your guy, but hopefully we can gain ground in the 2 weeks left before it starts. Or maybe a sponsor/backer wants to invest wisely in someone who plays at the top of their game and can give you a desert viral audience, say jam diggity. You will get what you pay for: victory or… victory guaranteed. Until there…


PS – We had certified killer Faraz Jaka on Cracking Aces this week. No kidding, I listened to a free 2 hour lesson from him and then played the best poker of my life winning the WSOP Circuit Event. The best thing is that you also take advantage of his wise words.