May 11, 2022

Austin Poker Room Gets A Trio Of Poker Players As New Owners

Austin Poker Room Gets A Trio Of Poker Players As New Owners

January 5, 2022

Juan Blanco


  • The trio have teamed up to buy a stake in the Lodge Poker Club
  • The Lodge is the largest poker room in central Texas
  • Owen & Neeme could host Austin’s biggest MUG

The popular Lodge Poker Club in Austin, Texas, has attracted a new group of investors, and they’re not like other investors because they’re some of the hottest names in the game.

Doug Polk, Brad Owen and Andrew Neeme joined forces to buy a stake in the state’s largest poker room.

Austin’s poker scene continues to grow

Austin is home to a strong poker scene, with 10 poker clubs operating in the city, one of which is the Lodge Poker Club, also known as “Lodge Mahal“.

The halls usually organize gambling with stakes of $ 1 to $ 3 and $ 2 to $ 5, with some even going as high as $ 5 to $ 10. They also have some of the busiest tournament schedules, giving locals plenty of options to enjoy the game and win big.

A new chapter

In March 2021, Doug Polk revealed his intention to leave Vegas, his home for over a decade. The founder of Upswing Poker has said he would like to start a new chapter in his life and career in a new location, possibly Austin. He stuck to that plan and was initially unaware that Texas had one of the most promising poker markets in the country.

When Polk realized that poker could explode soon in the state, he set himself the goal of starting his own club. But building a coin from scratch would be a long process, so he decided to become an investor in an already established coin.

Meanwhile, poker vloggers Owen and Neeme, who have become more popular to host dating games (MUG) across the United States, have long dreamed of owning a poker room in Texas, but they believed it was. would not be feasible because both are. currently based in Las Vegas. When Polk approached them and opened up the idea of ​​a partnership, the duo didn’t hesitate.

Nevada will remain the home of Owen and Neeme, but they will now make regular visits to Austin. Polk also promised to play twice a week at the Lodge which they are now co-owners. The trio are excited to launch into their new venture, with Neeme and Owen indicating they could host their biggest MUG yet in Austin.