June 22, 2022

A good draw on a bad play upsets the video poker player | Headliners

“Brain cramp #2 came when I was dealt a 2 with a 5, 8, jack and ace in mixed suits,” Brady said. “I held 2 out of reflex and threw away the rest like any good Deuces player.

“In the draw, I got three more 2s and a 9. Hooray! I had four twos. But only 400 credits were added to the meter instead of the 1000 I expected.

” What happened ? It turns out that the player before me was playing Double Double Bonus Poker.

A Double Double Bonus player would have celebrated this draw. Brady wasn’t partying.

“I was kicking myself and at the same time trying to convince myself that I was really lucky,” he said. “The four 2s on Deuces Wild would have been worth 1,000 quarters instead of 400. But if I had changed the game to Deuces Wild, I probably wouldn’t have been dealt the same hand or gotten the same draw. My timing would have been completely different.”

He would also have made a different draw. In Double Double Bonus, the highest average return with this start is to hold the only Ace, and the next best play is to hold Ace-Jack.

“I was really trying to be happy, but Elena could see it was really eating at me. She said, ‘Okay. You got lucky and you know that. You held the wrong card for the game. You need an attitude adjustment.We have an early lunch.

“So we did. There was a restaurant open, a sports pub, and we went to get some sandwiches. My wife said I had to buy with my winnings to get into the celebratory spirit. winners.